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My online courses deliver practical content that you can apply where you work. I structure courses around common issues and pain points–so you can put what you learn to work solving problems. Courses consist of readings, videos, and exercises.The exercises guide you to apply concepts and methods to your own context.  

Change by Attraction

Based on

7 Rules for Positive Productive Change

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Change by Attraction

Hone your ability to catalyze change.

Everyone I know wishes something was different. But making change happen can be frustrating. This workshop addresses common pain points in change:

  • People may not want to change.
  • Only superficial changes take hold.
  • One size fits all solutions fit none.
  • You can’t do it alone.

This course is a guided practices of 7 Rules for Positive Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results.

Powerful Retrospectives

Create space for teams to improve.

Retrospectives —when they are done well—create space for teams to improve their own ability to deliver valuable results. Learn how to avoid these common traps:

  • Boredom and low participation
  • Superficial results
  • No follow through

Based on the 5 stage format described in Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great, with new material on remote retrospectives, using data in retrospectives and more.

The Self-Esteem Maintenance Toolkit

Connect with your inner resources.

Each and every human has the capability for courage, for caring, for logical thinking, for self-care. When people remember their resources, they buttress their self-esteem.

When self-esteem is robust, people remember their resources.Self-esteem is the basis for living and relating congruently. It aids in creativity, problem-solving, human connection, joy.

Based on Virginia Satir’s Self-Esteem Tool Kit. Created by Jean, McLendon, Don Gray, and Esther Derby.

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