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The Self-Esteem Maintenance Toolkit


Connect with your inner resources.

Each and every human has the capability for courage, for caring, for logical thinking, for self-care. When people remember their resources, they buttress their self-esteem. When self-esteem is robust, people remember their resources.Self-esteem is the basis for living and relating congruently. It aids in creativity, problem-solving, human connection, joy.

Connect with your resources at work and in all aspects of life.

Through readings, Exercises & Reflection

You Will Learn:

Through readings and exercises

You Will Learn:

This isn’t a how to course—so I cannot predict what you’ll learn. I can tell you what you will get when you join the course:


A system than can help you connect with your innate abilities -- creativity, courage, curiosity, and more.


Exercises for both reflection and application.


A stronger sense of all the resources you already have.


A way to remember your resources when you need them most.

We use the metaphor of a toolkit—an idea first introduced by Virginia Satir, a seminal figure the human potential movement and pioneer in system-focused family therapy. Using tangible items as symbols and reminders of capabilities that we all have, this course is a guided exploration of your inner resources.

We’ll introduce eight tools, each of which represents capabilities that are available to each of us, if we remember to use them. For each capability, we offer reflection exercises and application exercises. Our hope is that you will gain a deeper appreciation and access to your own resources.


The course consists of videos, short posts, and reflection and application exercises. 

You’ll have access to the entire course as soon as you sign up–though we believe you’ll get more out of it if you linger over each tool.

The material will be avialable to you for as long as the course is published.

Created by Jean McLendon, Don Gray, and Esther Derby.

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