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Powerful Retrospectives


Support team improvement.

Retrospectives —when they are done well—create space for teams to improve their own ability to deliver valuable results.

Learn how to avoid these common traps:

  • Boredom and low participation
  • Superficial results
  • No follow through

Based on the 5 stage format described in Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great, with new material on remote retrospectives, using data in retrospectives and more.

Through readings, Exercises & Reflection

You Will Learn:

Through readings and exercises

You Will Learn:


How to choose a focus that fits your team's specific context.


How to use data effectively for problem-solving.


How to encourage participation.


How to adapt retrospectives for remote teams.


How to choose actions so they get follow through.

This class is for people with an array of experience with retrospectives–whether you are a Scrum Master who just learned about retrospectives, a team member participating in retrospectives, have lead a dozen retrospectives, or want to move beyond “What worked well / What should we do differently” lists. If you want to gain confidence to hold retrospectives that help your team improve, this class is for you.

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